Eating after LAP BAND Surgery

Prior to having the LAP-BAND surgery you’ll begin a strict liquid diet. After the surgery you’ll continue on the same liquid diet and progress to pureed foods followed by soft foods. What about when you’re ready to eat normal foods? Once fully healed from bariatric surgery, the question of “what to eat becomes” very important.

After your weight loss surgery the quality of the food you consume becomes much more important than the quantity of food. In order for the LAP-BAND to be a success, you must make wise, nutritional decisions about your food. Choosing foods that are high in nutritional value but low in calories is essential.

Doctors recommend that you avoid foods that are high in sugars, like syrups, soft drinks, and baked treats. They also suggest that you limit your consumption of creamed soups, bacon, sausage, fried foods and other high calorie foods that may taste great but are nutritional disasters. In addition, avoiding white rice and other items made from white flour will aid in your weight loss efforts.

Most importantly, foods that are fibrous, such as celery, corn, oranges, sweet potatoes and asparagus should be totally avoided because they can get lodged in the stomach opening. Other foods that may cause problems are popcorn, nuts, potatoes, tomatoes and fruit skins. Bubbly drinks like soda should also be avoided because the carbonation can cause your stomach pouch to expand and cause discomfort.

It may seem like there are more foods you shouldn’t eat than those that are recommended, but residents of Bradenton, Florida, will find plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats and grains that they can eat that will help them lose weight while still enjoying delicious food.


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  • sherry gray says:

    whats the total cost of surgery?? do you except the city of bradenton’s “greatwest”insurance?? how long do i expect to be off work?? i’m a secretary and sit all day. thanks

  • Sue Ciccione says:

    is this covered by medicare. I have a lot of health issues and have gained over 100 pounds in 5 years…need to get it off to feel better but unable to exercise at this point.

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